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Claus Van Bebber is the first artist at NURNICHTNUR to whom we dedicate a short article. At these articles we highlight the artistic activities of the artists and their relationship with NURNICHTNUR, a label that give attention to contemporary Classical music. Next issue we highlight Stephan Froleyks and his musical instrument made with a bathtub.

Short biography
Claus Van Bebber is born in the year 1949 in Niederrhein, Germany. He is active as musician and artist. Participated in many expositions in Germany and abroad, made performances and concerts. He is also co-founder of the artists-group 'Heinrich Mucken'; participated at 'documenta 8', kassel 1987; made also several LP- and CD- recordings; performances with his 'Schallplattenkonzerten' f.e. at 'Loft' Köln 1990, 'Ave Festival Arnhem 1991, 'Kunsthalle' Recklinghausen, 'Performance Festival' Turin 1992, ' Galerie Pankow' Berlin, 'Dodorama' Rotterdam, 'Festival für improvisierte Musik' Kopenhagen 1994 and 'de Fabriek' Eindhoven 1995.

Claus Van Bebber: his art.
In the year 1996, a complete catalogue about Van Bebber artistic life has been published with a CD Claus Van Bebber "1977 - 1995". This publication must be till now the most complete diary about his performances, installations, sculptors, .... It learns us that Van Bebber works might be called conceptual art and performance art. The attention in such kind of art is not the artistic and technical quality of an artpiece. But the artist searchs for the beauty of an idea, the beauty of a certain concept and the action is much more important then the result.
Watch out this is my personal interpretation. We can say that Claus started to be professional creative now some 20 years ago and has been verry productive. He has done several kinds of performances and installations with such a high variety. With from time to time a small relation with the artobject as it is and also the artobject as a musical instrument: 'String-Tischen', 1980; 'Elektro-mechanical instruments', 1981; ... He has done land-art or performances, expositions, sculptors outside. It is to diffi cult to review Claus Van Bebber his art in a few words. We can say that Claus his work is build upon the best traditions of the sixties and seventies. To much modern artists of these day's does not have the same quality as he has.