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Percussion, Light- and Soundinstallations


Michael Vorfeld, born 1956, works as musician and visual artist based in Berlin. He plays percussion and self designed stringed instruments. The combination of these instruments with various and unusual playing techniques, allows him to create an exceptional variety of sounds. Michael Vorfeld works as an improvisor, composer and sound artist and is often involved in site specific art projects. His visual works are focusing on the use of light in relation to architecture. Besides solo activities he is a member of various ensembles and collaborates with artists of different art forms.

His list of activities includes performances among others at the "documenta 8", Kassel 1987 (with the artists group "Heinrich Mucken"), "Moltkerei Werkstatt", Cologne, "Het Apollohuis", Eindhoven, "Logos Foundation", Ghent, "Künstlerhaus am Deich", Bremen, "Palais des Beaux Arts", Brussel, "Melkweg", Amsterdam, "Expo - German Pavillon", Hannover, "Goethe Institut", Hanoi, "Experimental Intermedia", New York, "Podewil", Berlin, "Center of Contemporary Art", Warshow, "Plan B", Tokyo

Michael Vorfeld
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    Published at NURNICHTNUR:
  'Three_O' - CD 2018
  'Skin – Vorfeld Plays Bongos' - CD 2014
  'Vorwolf - Snake's Eye' - CD 2008
  'Heinrich Mucken Saalorchester: Mercy Valley Knights' - CD 2007
  'ENSEMBLE 2INCQ - RHÖN, live in 2002' - CD 2006
  'Heinrich Mucken Saalorchester: Mercy Valley Days' - 8 CD Box 2006
  'Kreisel' - CD 2005
  'Perkussion' - foto-catalogue 2000
  'Von Wellen und anderen Teilchen' - CD 2000
  'BOWED + POPPED' - CD 1999
  'Nahe der Stille' - CD 1998
  'LOK' - Catalogue 1997
  'VOX' - CD 1997
  'MUX TRIO' - CD 1996
  'Sieben Freunde' - CD 1995
    'Klimazonen' - CD 1991
  'Heinrich Mucken: Chronologie' - Book 1991
  'Heinrich Mucken: Jahreszeiten' - Single 1985
  'Heinrich Mucken' - several tapes and a video 1983-1987